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The new Traffic Barrier is setting a new standard among medium-sized barriers

The new Traffic Barrier has been on the Swedish market since May 2020. Now we’re upgrading it with Safety Net as standard, and also launching the GC Fence accessory.

The new Traffic Barrier is an updated version of the classic TA barrier and has been on the markets since May 2020. The Traffic Barrier is a unique product which allows straightforward, robust interlinking of barrier units thanks to its coupling arrangement of registered design, reducing the working width compared with traditional construction fencing, which in turn provides more space for pedestrians and cyclists to pass the work site.

It’s also compliant with EN-1317, completing its crash test in capacity class T1.

As of this year, the Ramudden Traffic Barrier has also been upgraded to include Safety Net as standard, a net that prevents access through the barrier. And the new GC Fence mounted on the Traffic Barrier also provides high-quality protection for pedestrians and cyclists in exposed urban environments.