Ramudden Safety Week

Every year, the International Work Environment Day is organized to promote safe and healthy work throughout the World. In connection with the global day, Ramudden has instituted its own Safety Week, something that during week 17 will be noticed throughout the organization in all countries and at all depots and offices.

An annual safety week for reflection and conversation.
- At Ramudden, we work actively daily with these issues. During the annual Safety Week, we encourage extra reflection and conversation about how each of us can participate and contribute to a safe working environment. The starting point in our safety work is to prevent all accidents and injuries and this year we have chosen to focus on just this - how we can prevent accidents from occurring, says Peter Stridsberg Sweden Manager Ramudden.
- The hope is that by increasing risk awareness we can work more proactively. When it comes to working with safety, we will never be completely finished.
Jesus Munoz, Managing Director Ramudden Canada