Ramudden goes digital for safer work sites

Ramudden is now reinforcing its digital service offering with Smart Batteries, which monitors battery-powered safety systems in road construction. Smart Batteries, the industry’s first connected battery, significantly improves road safety and is an excellent solution from a sustainability perspective.

Our vision is a fully digital worksite.
“Smart Batteries is our next step towards the fully connected work site. This solution allows us to make sure the battery is always working, reduce our carbon emissions and assess safety risks on work sites by monitoring average speeds. It creates increased security on construction sites and also gives us the opportunity to add more connected products to the same portal in future,” explains Hans-Olov Blom, CEO and founder of Ramudden.
Smart Batteries permits real-time digital monitoring of battery-powered safety systems and average speeds on work sites in real time via a central portal. The system issues an alert when it is time to have the battery inspected. This allows physical checks of battery status to be optimised, and batteries are replaced only when necessary. This means fewer transport operations to and from construction sites, leading to reduced costs and environmental benefits in the form of reduced carbon emissions.
Ramudden has already invested heavily in a broad portfolio of digital solutions for safer, more sustainable work sites, such as digital variable message signs (VMS signs).
“We have eight smart VMS signs at our work site near Hallandsåsen Sweden at the moment. These digital signs update road users in real time and minimise manual intervention. This increases safety for my staff as well as road users,” says Andreas Olander, site manager for Veidekke at Hallandsåsen and Ramudden client.
Ramudden has been part of a larger group, Work Zone Safety Group, since 2020. This also includes a company by the name of Highway Resource Solutions (HRS), which focuses entirely on digital solutions.
“Work Zone Safety Group and our close cooperation with HRS gives us more opportunities to drive digital development. We are continuing to invest in digital solutions so that we can deliver safer, more cost-effective solutions for our customers,” says Hans-Olov Blom.
About Work Zone Safety Group (WZSG) and Highway Resource Solutions (HRS):
WZSG was formed in December 2020 following the merger of five companies working with work site safety in busy traffic environments. The group consists of Ramudden, Chevron, AVS, Fero and HRS. HRS maintains a holistic focus on digital solutions for work site safety. WZSG currently operates in 11 countries, with an annual turnover of over SEK 4.5 billion, and employs more than 3,500 people. The head office of HRS is in Nottingham in the UK and employs around 50 people.