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Our journey towards sustainability continues

Ramudden's Sustainability Report for 2020 is now published digitally.

The report is now published digitally and provides a broad picture of Ramudden, and the work carried out during the year.
Ramudden’s ambition is to be a leading, driving force for sustainability in our industry. For us, sustainability is largely about a way of being and acting. Our services and solutions must be delivered in a safe, efficient manner that promotes sustainable development, and we must do business sustainably.
- As an increasingly important contributor to society and one of the biggest companies in the industry, Ramudden has a special responsibility to contribute to sustainable development. Despite the pandemic and its consequences, we continued to invest and develop in this area in 2020, says Hans-Olov Blom, CEO Ramudden.
This report includes the operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Estonia. Nice reading!