Group CEO’s comments

As an increasingly significant presence in society and one of industry’s largest companies, Ramudden has a particular responsibility to contribute to sustainable development.

Good growth despite a challenging year

Morten Finslo, Group CEO.
Like other companies, our business has been affected by a year in which many factors were uncertain. Nevertheless, we have continued to deliver in markets both old and new, and we have done so with panache. I am genuinely proud of the work that our organisation does every day.
I took over as CEO of Ramudden in the Nordics, Baltics and Canada in the summer of 2022. Hans-Olov Blom, Ramudden founder and former CEO, was appointed Group CEO for the Ramudden Global companies at the same time. This is a well-managed company, and my job now is to manage this valuable legacy.
So what are my ambitions for the future? Of course, I want to preserve the mentality, the very spirit of Ramudden: local entrepreneurship, putting customers first, teamwork, and a strong drive to move forward. At the same time, we need to adapt the company to a new, larger size. We now operate in more markets, have more employees and are becoming an increasingly important player in the industry itself. This also requires us to do things differently, and to take more responsibility for our long-term sustainability.

Several important acquisitions

So what are the highlights of the year? Apart from seeing very good growth, supplying more materials and services from our depots, we have opened four new depots in Sweden and Finland. We have acquired Halleskog & Hansson AB in Sweden, and in Norway we have strengthened our capacity when it comes to training with the acquisition of Opplæring Vest and
We have also established operations in Denmark during the year. I am also excited about our 350 new colleagues in Canada, where we have made acquisitions that enhance our capabilities when it comes to digitalisation of work sites. I also see our growth as exporting our safety mindset, and our approach to a safe work environment at sites.

At the heart of societal development

We are at the heart of societal development, and it is now clear that more stringent sustainability requirements are being applied everywhere. Our clients are increasingly affected by national climate targets and new legislation, which gives them more of an interest in circular solutions, resource efficiency and renting instead of owning. This is driving us to improve the safety, service and efficiency of our offerings.
Digitalisation is a key success factor in this regard; new solutions are helping us to increase safety in the workplace, extend product lifespan and reduce CO2 emissions related to inspections.

ISO certifications and a new sustainability manager

We renewed our certificates for the ISO 9001 quality standard, ISO 14001 environmental standard and ISO 45001 health and safety standard during the year. We also finalised the recruitment of a Group Head of ESG for Ramudden Global as a whole at the end of 2022. This person will help to increase the amount of sustainability work we do in all markets.
Looking to the future, our focus is on continuing to develop the industry towards even safer and more sustainable solutions. We will also broaden our skills base and nurture our existing staff. Ultimately, I hope that everyone, like me, will take pride in the fact that at Ramudden, we make sure that people return home unharmed every day.
Morten Finslo
Group CEO of Ramudden

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