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The Work Zone Safety Company

Since we started in 2005, we have worked to make workplaces along the roads safer. In this area, we are today a leader in Sweden, and have also successfully established ourselves in Norway, Finland, Estonia and Canada.

Our mission: Everyone has a right to a safe workplace

Our solutions are based on a high level of expertise and commitment to the goals.
Our approach to safety and our tailored solutions for work zone safety are currently used in construction and civil engineering works, railways and other infrastructure projects. With us as partner, you get solutions based on a high level of expertise and great commitment from our staff, as well as innovation, regulatory compliance and an effective safety-conscious approach in every respect. We make sure that your work zone meets all the relevant safety requirements.

Our solutions can include:

Consultation – We can help you plan and design a safe work zone. For roadworks, for instance, we can devise traffic management plans and help with all the necessary permit applications.
Services – You can engage us for all work zone safety-related services, such as setting up the site, supervision and flagging.
Training – Work on and along roads requires the right training and expertise. Frequently, your employees will need approved certification or training required by province or territories, following the local OHS laws. This is something our training division can take care of. The division trains our own staff on an ongoing basis and offers you and your employees the training you need.
Rental – From us, you can rent all the equipment and materials you need related to work zone safety, as well as a number of vehicles and machines. We ensure that you get the right items safely on site when and where you need them.

We want to achieve more

Today we are at the cutting edge of developments in our industry, and we fully intend to remain so. Our most important objective is therefore to grow and expand. We teach and share our expertise by being deeply involved in the work of improving work zone safety in general and we are currently pursuing the issue in the sectors in which we operate.
The most recent development focuses on the concept of a smart digital work zone resulting in increased safety as well as greater sustainability. Our Group includes the UK company Highway Resource Solutions (HRS). They develop smart digital solutions and equipment that increase safety, e.g. by warning road users about traffic conditions in real time.

Your digital work zone


Our journey towards sustainability continues

As an increasingly important contributor to society and one of the biggest companies in the industry, we have a special responsibility to contribute to sustainable development.

CEO´s comments