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This is Ramudden

Ramudden creates safe work sites with adapted solutions, taking human health and safety into account in the working environment. Our adapted solutions for work site safety are used for roadworks, construction and civil engineering works, railways and other infrastructure projects.

Our job is to help municipalities, public authorities, contractors and construction companies design, equip and staff safety solutions that meet all the requirements and create the necessary work site and traffic safety. This means that customers can confidently focus on their core business – repairs, maintenance and construction.

We work closely with our customers and like to be involved in planning at an early stage to help them comply with all the regulations. Our solutions for work site safety are adapted to customer needs and the scope of each project.

We supply equipment when and where it is needed, provide services on site and train our customers’ employees. We also help make public places safe and secure.

Our job is to make sure that people come home safe and well every day, whether they work at a site or just pass it by.

Ramudden is available at 60 locations in Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Estonia. Ramudden Group has an annual turnover of approximately CAD 190 million with 700 employees.

Ramudden’s corporate culture is based on something we call the Ramudden spirit. This means that we are always considerate to our customers, prioritise our employees’ health and safety and strive to be the best at what we do.



Hans-Olov Blom, CEO Ramudden

The history of Ramudden

2005 Ramudden AB is founded
2009 The company opens in Norway
2012 The company opens in Finland
2015 Personellassistanse Norge AS is acquired
2016 The company opens in Estonia
2017 Ramudden HoldCo AB, the parent company, is founded
2017 Wewab Trafiklösningar AB, Trafikavstängningar i Mellansverige AB, Skilt og Vedlikehold 2 AS, Skilt og Bilreklame AS and Akershus Trafikk Dirigering AS are acquired
2017 Triton Partners acquire the majority of the shares in Ramudden from IK Investment Partners
2018 Chevron, the UK’s largest provider of road work zone safety services, is acquired
2018 Acquisition of NCC-owned ViaSafe Sweden, Norwegian Trafikk-systemer AS and Finnish LKJ-Palvelut Oy
2018 Nine new depots are opened in Sweden, Norway and Finland, and two further acquisitions are made in Finland and Sweden
2019 Six new depots open in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Estonia
2019 Provia AB, E-trafik AB and Veiskiltkonsulenten AS are acquired
2019 Three important milestones are passed: more than 600 full-time employees, first year with over one billion SEK in sales, and over 5,000 unique customers in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Estonia
2020 Norwegian  BM Skilt AS are acquired
2020 Merger between AVS (Germany, Denmark, Latvia), Fero (Belgium), and Ramudden/Chevron..
2021 Ramudden establishes business in Canada.