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Safe Workplace

Since we started in 2005, we have worked to make workplaces along the roads safer. In this area, we are today a leader in Sweden, and have also successfully established ourselves in Norway, Finland, Estonia and Canada.

Today our adapted solutions for work site safety are used for roadworks, construction and civil engineering works, railways and other infrastructure projects. Our solutions are based on the great expertise and commitment of our employees, innovation, compliance and the desire for efficiency at all stages.

Our solutions may include:

Consultation - We have long experience of planning and designing safe workplaces. For example, for work on roads, we can prepare a traffic management plan and help with applications for all the necessary permits.
Services - Work site services related to safety and security such as establishment, supervision and security surveillance.
Training - Working on and along roads requires the right training and expertise. In many cases, the customer’s employees need certification. Our training department trains our own staff and also offers our customers the necessary training.
Rental - We can supply all necessary equipment and materials for a safe work site, as well as a number of vehicles and machines. We ensure the right things are in the right place when they are needed.

Objectives for the future

We lead development in the industry and are focused on continuing to grow and expand. We are deeply involved in the work to improve work site safety in general and we promote this issue in the industries in which we work.

Another part of the work to improve safety and efficiency at work sites is our investment in smart products and digital solutions. Our Group includes the British company HRS, which develops smart digital solutions and equipment that can increase safety, for example by warning road users about traffic conditions in real time.


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