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Safe Workplace

For us, workplace safety isn’t just about consideration for people working on a construction site or a closed road. We want to extend the term to also include cyclists, drivers, pedestrians and other people who may be affected by or exposed to hazards on account of the work.

Ramudden has become a societal player to be reckoned with. We are becoming involved in major projects at an increasingly early stage and maintaining an ongoing dialogue with authorities in the countries in which we operate. We participate in innovation projects, influence safety considerations when new standards are set and communicate directly with the work environment managers.

Today we are one of the biggest companies in the industry in Europe, with over 60 depots around Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia and from 2021 also Canada.

Last year, we passed the 600 full-time employees mark in the Nordic region. In 2019, we added 14 new depots and passed the 600 full-time employees mark. And through a merger in December 2020, Ramudden, together with our sister companies, now covers ten European countries.


One thing we have learned along the way is that safety is not a given – it has to be planned, prioritised and implemented. We consider it our mission to highlight safety issues everywhere: in the break room, on the roads, on customer premises and within the industry in general.

Our engagement is needed; the pace of construction is constantly increasing. The densification of cities, new construction and infrastructure upgrades are currently underway in places where many people congregate.

Success requires an approach based on safety and accessibility being incorporated into the planning of construction and infrastructure projects. This in turn requires even greater insight among the decision-makers in society. In general, safety around work zones and in public spaces is now higher on the agenda, which is something we are pleased about.

Safety is not a given – it must be planned, prioritised and implemented. We consider it our mission to highlight safety issues everywhere.

/ Hans-Olov Blom, CEO