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CEO´s comments

Our journey towards sustainability continues - As an increasingly important contributor to society and one of the biggest companies in the industry, Ramudden has a special responsibility to contribute to sustainable development.

Ramudden has consistently tried to maintain its focus on ordinary operations during the pandemic. We have followed all the rules, advice and recommendations from the public authorities without taking any shortcuts. At the same time, we have tried to continue as normal as far as possible. Our hard work meant that we also finished the year with higher profit and sales than in the previous year.

Our business model is inherently based on sustainability as we use resources efficiently throughout their useful lives, and also in the respect that we contribute to safer work sites. Our company aim is to make sure that everyone comes home safe and well every day. Consequently, we do our best to put safety issues on the agenda in all arenas. This naturally also means that our own employees’ knowledge of safety is a top priority. During the year, we invested heavily in internal training, which helps enhance safety out at the work sites.

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Rapid digital transition

To their great advantage, our educators have switched to digital teaching methods both internally and with customers. It is clear that new technical aids and web-based training will remain a natural part of how we provide training after the pandemic. There are, of course, occasions on which traditional teaching works better, but I am convinced that this is here to stay, and it will also contribute to less travel and thus a lower carbon footprint.

Digitisation is also an important tool for improving safety. Our Group includes the British company HRS, which develops smart digital solutions and equipment that can increase safety, for example by warning road users about traffic conditions in real time. Our product development also uses other new technologies. In 2020, for example, we developed a remote-controlled barrier that replaces traffic controllers on the road, where it would be risky for people to work. We also use solutions in which connected sensors in the equipment report on whether everything is correctly installed in the work site.
Another example of smart new technology is our 3D-visualised traffic management plans. They help us optimise our solutions with our customers in the planning phase so that they both create a safe environment and maintain traffic flows as far as possible. We are seeing a general increase in interest in safety among our customers and greater desire to involve us at an early stage. This is always better in terms of costs, safety and traffic flow.

Focus on reduced emissions

In respect of the environment, Ramudden works to reduce its climate impact. Our owner Triton is involved in a quality-assured initiative for climate compensation for our carbon dioxide emissions. As the industry leader, we also take action directly in our own operations, for example by increasing our use of fossil-free fuel. To this end, we ordered six electric trucks during the year. They will be used to deliver equipment in metropolitan regions in Sweden. Electrical vehicles are now also part of our fleet in Norway.

Following a corporate merger in December 2020, Ramudden and its fellow subsidiaries now cover ten European countries. This entails new opportunities to see and learn from how things are done in other parts of Europe. We can study best practice from large parts of the continent, which will allow us to develop further in terms of both sustainability and operations in general. As we continue to advance, we will focus on exploiting all the advantages of the new Group to the maximum.

2020 was a difficult year for many, but we showed that Ramudden’s business model is correct and that we are able to maintain our focus on greater work site safety even in times of trouble.

Hans-Olov Blom, Group CEO of Ramudden